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Network Infrastructure

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Networking Solutions for the Real World

Local Area Networks (LAN) have become one of the most important tools of business. Even the smallest business can get huge benefits from a LAN. Services like file and printer sharing, internet access, and even today's business phone systems require a network and computer users at all levels have come to expect these services.

Teleswitch through its partnership with best-of-breed IT vendors like Hewlett Packard delivers all the infrastructure services, software and systems that your applications demand. We offer computing, storage, networking, and software in one converged IT system. Leverage new and existing technology investments, reduce system integration costs, and improve cloud storage capabilities. At Teleswitch we have the expertise to help identify your right mix of traditional IT infrastructure, private cloud, and public cloud to fuel the unique needs of your business.

Brocade is a top designer and developer of storage area network switching products including end-to-end data center networking systems. Brocade’s products are branded by other companies, and its top three customers are Hewlett-Packard Co., International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) and EMC Corp.

By having Brocade as a networking partner, Teleswitch provides IP network infrastructure expertise to help IT businesses deploy highly scalable, reliable, and high-performance IP network infrastructures.

D-Link is the global leader in networking products and solutions for home, small business, mid-sized enterprise environments and service providers. With over 25 years of building networks for people, D-Links innovative technologies empower their customers to connect to more experiences, more productivity and more opportunity. D-Links award winning portfolio of products and services include switching, wireless, broadband, storage, IP Surveillance, and cloud-based network management. All designed for high performance, superior value and ease of use.


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