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FlexOne SIP Trunking

Save Money with Enhanced SIP Trunking

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP Trunking refers to the use of VoIP to connect your premise based phone system to the Internet.

 SIP Trunking may be utilized with virtually any PBX system, including modern IP based phone systems or older styled analog systems.

SIP Trunking will bridge your company to the modern communications cloud, helping connect all office and mobile users together.

FlexOne Benefits of Enhanced SIP Trunking

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    Burstability: The ability to burst above the number of pre-paid trunks or call paths on demand, automatically.
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    Advanced Call Routing: Enables customers with advanced routing capabilities including call forwarding, and call status (away, busy, unreachable, etc.).
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    Multi-office Trunking and Business Continuity: Aggregate your SIP Trunks to improve business continuity between office and leverage the savings that comes with pooling and centralizing your communication needs at the enterprise level. We’ll even provide you with improved disaster recovery options so you can sleep soundly in the event of a shutdown or natural disaster.


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