2019 Resolutions for Better Business Communications

2019 Resolutions for better business communications

Resolution season is officially here — a time to reflect on your last year in business and identify some key areas of improvement.

We’re here to review the top 6 resolutions CIOs and IT Directors are considering understanding that unified communications (UC) can help their companies to accomplish goals like spending less money, generating more revenue, and creating a happier and healthier environment where ideas flow freely.

According to a new study on the latest trends on communications and technology, the majority of CIOs expect their IT budgets to increase or stay the same in 2019.  Many will look to upgrade aging infrastructure, improve the employee experience, or migrate their communications (totally or partially) to the cloud. Still, Unified Communications will naturally continue, as UC plays an integral role in all of those initiatives.

Here are the top 6 resolutions CIOs and IT Directors are considering for 2019…

Clamp Down on Network Security

Security industry leaders predicts that 2019 will be an especially difficult year for cybercrime, as threats will continue to mount and become more complex. Hackers will be deploying multifaceted attacks, using a variety of tools in tandem to obtain corporate data.

As such, all department heads should come together and discuss a unified cybersecurity strategy. UC should be a critical part of this discussion, as business can drastically improve cybersecurity by investing in a unified and secure communications system backed by technologies like firewall protection, packet filtering, encryption and more.

Improve Network Performance

How well did your network perform in 2018? Many businesses will find it difficult to even determine the amount of downtime they suffered, as they lack deep visibility and real-time analytics. Large, distributed enterprises are strongly advised to invest in software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) to improve network and application performance across different branch locations. SD-WAN is a fundamental component of UC, and a must-have technology heading into 2019.

Streamline Collaboration

Communication is the backbone of an organization. Yet in many cases, businesses aren’t communicating as effectively as they could be because employees are using disparate apps and services. With UC, businesses can centralize their communications, and provide unified video conferencing, text messaging, voice, and fax services. With a robust UC system in place, collaboration can be a breeze. It’s an essential technology for boosting productivity and for keeping employees engaged.

Shut Down Shadow IT

Another downside to disparate communications services is they create shadow IT, where the IT department has no idea how employees are sharing information. Shadow IT poses many problems for cybersecurity and maintenance. Investing in UC is one way to discourage employees from using tools which the IT department cannot oversee.

Reduce Unnecessary Spend

We are in a new era of business communication, where organizations no longer have to spend boatloads of money on telecom infrastructure and services. By migrating to a cloud UC solution, it’s possible to significantly cut back operating costs. Now, for instance, businesses can obtain virtual phone lines that can be easily scaled up or down as they are needed throughout the year.

Create Better Products

Take a hard look at the products and solutions that you brought to market this year.
Were they as powerful and effective as they could have been?

One of the hidden benefits of investing in UC, and boosting communication and collaboration, is that it creates a culture of creativity and teamwork. Using UC, for instance, designers and developers can communicate constantly using video and text services. Marketing and sales teams can do the same. Even C-level executives can use UC to break down barriers with rank and file employees. Altogether, these advantages can help your business be more productive and innovative in 2019.

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